Bokeo suspends import-transit of pork products


Bokeo province has temporarily suspended the import and transit of pork, sows and boars,  piglets and all kinds of pork products after thousands of pig deaths by African Swine Flu (ASF) were reported in Luang Namtha province last month.
The notification aims to prevent the spread of  African Swine Flu, which has dented the province’s economy.

The outbreak was reported from three villages of Luang Namtha district which killed 3,000-4,000 pigs. Over 1,000 animals were destrayed by authorities, according to the Luang Namtha provincial livestock and fisheries sector. The outbreak has been contained following timely action by authorities.

Authorities have now banned local people from eating pork and temporarily suspended the import and transit of sows, boars, piglets and all kinds of pork products from neighbouring countries especially China, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.
If entrepreneurs want to import sows and boars and  piglets they should a have a clearance certificate from the Livestock and Fisheries Department.

Laos reported its first cases of African Swine Flu, confirming outbreaks in Saravan province in southern Laos.

It then spread to other provinces in central and northern parts.

However, health officials confirmed that all pork sold in Vientiane markets is safe to eat, but it should be well cooked.

To prevent the spread of the disease in Vientiane, the Vientiane livestock and fisheries authorities have been maintaining a 24-hour surveillance on Roads 13 North and South to monitor pork shipments into the capital.

Authorities are also continuing to check pork shipments along the main transport routes.
ASF is a hemorrhagic and often fatal disease of domestic pigs and wild boar, which is notifiable to the World Organization for Animal Health.

On August 3, 2018, China reported the first outbreak of ASF in Shenyang, in its north-east.
As of October 8, 2018 a total of 33 ASF outbreaks were reported in eight provinces of China, the biggest pork producer and consumer in the world.

ASF has been reported in different Asian countries since the outbreak was first reported in China.

Vietnam, Mongolia North Korea, Cambodia and Myanmar have also reported such cases and subsequent outbreaks.