EDL promises customers change in next month’s bill


EDL customers, who used over 150 Kwh but not more than 461 kWh of electricity per month in the last three months, will see the charge reduced in coming months if they paid the three bills at the higher pre-pandemic rate.

Director General of Electricite du Laos (EDL), Mr Chanthaboun Souk-Aloun gave the promise in his exclusive interview to Lao National Television on Wednesday.
“The charge in May’s bill will be deducted in July’s bill, the charge in June will be deducted in August, and the charge in July’s bill will be deducted in November’s bill,” Mr Chanthaboun said.

He explained that the bill issued in May recorded electricity use in April, and the customers will see the recalculated result in August’s bill, which recorded the charge for power used in July.

EDL began implementing the new electricity price structure on April as part of the government measures to ease household financial stress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For customers who use 0 to 150 kWh, the supplier charges 355 kip per unit (kWh) and levies 710 kip per unit for those households using more than 150 kWh per month.

The policy implementation following the new structure resulted in users of more than 150 kWh to 461 kWh per month paying more for their bills than under the previous arrangement, which was divided into six ranges (0-25 kWh, 26-150 kWh, 151-300 kWh, 301-400 kWh, 401-500 kWh, and above 500 kWh).

The Prime Minister’s office issued a notice to the Ministry of Energy and Mines on July 14, on guidelines to reduce electricity prices during the coronavirus pandemic, which agreed on implementing the measure from April to the end of this year.

“The customers did not find the change in this month’s bill as we were not able to implement the policy straight away due to the procedure,” Mr Chanthaboun explained.

Under the guidelines, customers who use not more than 150 kWh per month have to pay 355 kip per unit as previously. For those, who use over 150 units but less than 462 units per month, they have to pay 53,250 kip (150 x 355 kip) plus the multiple between 710 kip and the quantity of exceeded power used; 220,810 kip (311×710 kip) for example, if the amount used is 461 kWh.

EDL Director General Chanthaboun emphasised that the notice would be implemented accurately, saying customers meeting the criteria will see a change in their bill for July, which will be issued in August, and following months